Day 18

Another busy day without a lot of time to write. I hung out with Field Horne in Saratoga Springs this morning, had an early lunch at a cafe in town where i had some really good soup called Mulligatawny. It was new to me. I ordered two bowls. Also they had his grape/cherry jelly which was to die for. I drove to Middlebury, did a little wakling in the woods, and hung out with my hosts and friends here, Matthew and Deborah Dickerson. I played a gig in what i guess is the student center. It was fun. I like being around young people. I used to play a lot more colleges, and I miss it. The youthful idealism is what I like, I think. When you’re young you still think anything is possible. On my best days, I still think anything is possible.

Here’s an image from walking in the woods today.

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