I’m back. After 35 days, 22 shows, 14 states, and 7200 miles, we drove into New York City, exhausted and cheering. I dropped off my stuff, smoked 2 cigarettes even though I don’t smoke (and I mean that), said goodbye to my bandmates/friends, gave the ancient rented brown minivan a good washing, returned it to its owner, took the train back to Jersey City, hurried my sub-letter out the door, and slept. Oh goodness how I slept. I slept my face off as the rain poured on the black asphalt outside. Now the future is a glowing sun on the horizon, and I’m trying to figure out how to grab it and stuff it in my shirt pocket before it sinks.

Thanks to my amazing band/tourmates, Gerko, Rachelle, Paul, Toby, and Joan Marie! Thanks to everyone who hosted, housed, fed, put up with, and came out to hear us.

see you out there.



(Lion Song, recorded at the Carrboro ArtsCenter, Friday, August 9th, 2013)

(top photo by Emanuel Brunson)


only 2 more dates to go. lots of driving. Durham to Charlotte to Durham to Charlottesville, to Durham to GA. Big trip from GA to NY coming. putting 4,000 miles on a strangers minivan. listening to the right music to stay pumped up: Ke$ha, MIA, Girl Talk, Dixie Dregs, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Phil Collins. Phil Collins and Philip Bailey especially, air drums, air guitar. Glowing cell phones in the night, skittles, cigarettes, gummy worms, trying on cowboy hats at the truck stop, looking for zinc, settling for “mentholyptus.” Sleeping in my parent’s basement, my big body splayed out on various sofa cushions. going to bed at 3, waking up at 6 and then at 9, buckets of coffee, ignoring a snarky “review,” trip to Music Loft to replenish harmonicas, good sister and nephew hang time, SHOW TONIGHT!

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a city that has always had a kind of glowing nimbus around it in my imagination. As a 20 year old college student it somehow seemed exotic to me, and I loved going there to play, first with Brian Funck, and then by myself. I’m thankful for the indelible friendships I have made there.

I was honored, recently, to be the subject of Natalie Hart’s first (and only?) concert review, of a show we did in Chris Smit’s basement in Grand Rapids.

Thanks Natalie!