only 2 more dates to go. lots of driving. Durham to Charlotte to Durham to Charlottesville, to Durham to GA. Big trip from GA to NY coming. putting 4,000 miles on a strangers minivan. listening to the right music to stay pumped up: Ke$ha, MIA, Girl Talk, Dixie Dregs, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Phil Collins. Phil Collins and Philip Bailey especially, air drums, air guitar. Glowing cell phones in the night, skittles, cigarettes, gummy worms, trying on cowboy hats at the truck stop, looking for zinc, settling for “mentholyptus.” Sleeping in my parent’s basement, my big body splayed out on various sofa cushions. going to bed at 3, waking up at 6 and then at 9, buckets of coffee, ignoring a snarky “review,” trip to Music Loft to replenish harmonicas, good sister and nephew hang time, SHOW TONIGHT!

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