January 23

This is a gratitude list I wrote a while back, after playing for a wedding in Chattanooga. Making a Gratitude list is a good way to keep self-pity and depression at bay. “Doc and Mary Jane” were the bride’s parents and my hosts in Chattanooga. After the wedding was over and most of guests had gone home, I stayed an extra day and enjoyed their hospitality, which included dinner out with a bunch of the bride’s family at a restaurant overlooking the Tennessee River. “Caroline” is Caroline Herring, a terrific singer-songwriter who also played in the wedding. If you haven’t heard her, you should check her out. “Extra $100” refers to an extra $100 Doc and Mary Jane paid me at the end of the trip. A satisfying trip all around.

Gratitude List:

Good time with Doc and Mary Jane
extra $100
meeting Caroline
I have all my fingers, toes limbs
place to sleep
beautiful sun on my skin and others
people smiling at me randomly.

2 thoughts on “January 23

  1. I met Caroline once. My wife and I were in the Big Easy for our 10th anniversary. Claire Holley and Caroline were playing together and somehow we got into a pre-concert cocktail meet and greet. Claire and I talked about our one thing in common: you. Sorry if your ears were burning. Caroline with her syrupy southern voice struck me as shy but willing to put herself out there. And of course they were both great.

    I’ve had my lottery win celebration festival lineup made up for a while. They are on the list, but of course you’re headlining the evening. But y’all should do some stuff together with sultry harmonies. As soon as the right ticket comes along I’ll send you the booking email.

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