Pig Will

Today I woke up after a fitful night’s sleep and knew instantly that I was going to be ridiculously tired all day, the price I paid for having a miniscule amount of coffee the night before to keep me awake in a meeting. I’m constantly falling asleep in evening meetings full of 20-somethings, and in order not to be the old-guy-falling asleep at 9 o clock, I drink coffee and then I pay for it like I did today. It was a church meeting. I’m the oldest person at church, save for Stephanie. Thanks, Stephanie, for saving me from being the oldest person at church.

So I was tired all day, and while I still pretty much got done what I needed to get done, I did it slowly, as if underwater, or being chased in a dream by a slow-footed but determined monster. And my heart felt like I was being chased in a dream too. Stressed out.

I did later manage to muster up enough of a human feeling to tell a girl in a Piggly Wiggly shirt that I liked her shirt. And then later I told a dude with a huge silver handlebar mustache that I liked his mustache. which restored my faith in humanity in general and my own humanity specifically.

here’s a hipster Piggly Wiggly stuck to a lightpole in Brooklyn.


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