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As you may know, I announced that I was going to be posting once a day on this blog. I think subconsciously saw it almost as a kind of penance for not writing on here for 2 years. Which is a bit silly. Part of my puritan heritage or something (If it feels good, you’re not doing it right). But it is a good discipline, even if it’s not ideal. I think posting a couple of times a week would be better because it would give me more time to formulate quality posts and do more editing of those posts. People really seemed to like the post a week or so ago about my neighborhood in Flatbush. I believe I made 50 revisions on that post — spent a lot of time with it to get it just right. That’s not something I can do every day or even every couple of days. So posting every day will result in more meager posts. But maybe that’s ok. There are tumblr blogs with just photos and clippings and stuff. One guy just posts his favorite old Nancy panels (it’s fantastic. Ernie Bushmiller was fantastic. I try not to read comics because there are so many books I want to read and so little time, but I might have to indulge in some Nancy in the near future). Comedy and showbiz historian Kliph Nesteroff also has a minimalist tumblr. But I want to write more and so I hope to get some more meaty posts going in the near future. Today I mentioned to Jay and Jessica (college friends turned neighbors) that I read a Mary Karr poem (A Perfect Mess) this morning that I really enjoyed. (I try to remember when I read poems I like because I read a lot of poems that I don’t like or that are strictly ok). They asked if I had read any of Karr’s memoirs, and I haven’t, so they lent me The Liar’s Club, which I’m looking forward to getting into, and am about to get into now.

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  1. I enjoyed her collaboration with Rodney Crowell, Kin. It’s hard to find online – they’ve been pretty vigilant about copyright, I guess, but if you get a chance, check it out.

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