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Here’s a post by Gerko Tempelman, guestblogger and drummer in the Jason Harrod Highliner Pre-Release Tour band:

It’s hard to imagine a bigger contrast than the two latest shows on this Highliner Pre-Release Tour. We went from an intimate house concert, generously hosted by the Hazlett family in beautiful rural Millersburg Ohio, to a backyard concert in a pretty neighborhood in the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin.

The unifying factor was Jason’s music that took us, (that is: Toby, the bassist, my wife and me, the drummer) on this musical journey through the country. On that journey, we met up with a wide variety of people, that traveled up to 2,5 hours to come and listen to Jason’s performance and to buy his new record.

As Kaitlin Vosswinkel described the concert in Madison: ‘It really felt like summer at Jason’s backyard performance. Between a cold beer and amazing live music, it was the nicest night out.’

For me personally, it’s a great experience to hear the life stories of people being linked to Jason’s musical travelog and as a band, to connect that blend of stories in the performance of Jason’s journeying songs.

As Zedrich Clark, our first Vinyl buyer(!) in Millersburg reported: ‘My wife and I loved seeing Jason live and hearing the stories of his inspiration for certain songs. (…) his simple, yet universal words resonate on many different levels of the spirit’.

Also, here’s a great description of Jason’s music by Neal Brian Patel who came to Madison: ‘I keep coming back for more because Jason’s music always follows the same winning recipe:  3 parts brutally honest grappling with the struggles of human experience, 2 parts undimmed hope of redemption, and a generous pinch of humor to taste.  Then mix it all up with Jason’s unique brooding vocal qualities and his diverse guitar skills and you have a great combination.

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